ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


Accept the Challenge Again: Help Create a World Without ALS

The 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge was a global phenomenon that raised millions of dollars and changed the fight against ALS forever. More than 17 million people dumped ice water on their heads, posted videos to Facebook, donated money to fight ALS and challenged friends to do the same. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took over the internet during the summer of 2014.

And it made an impact. The Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $115 million for The ALS Association. We have committed more than $89 million to ALS research since the Ice Bucket Challenge, and tripled our research spending to more than $18 million a year.

Progress is being made. Five new gene mutations that contribute to ALS have been discovered. Antisense therapy using designer drugs is moving closer to reality. We are providing more and better care for ALS patients through our multidisciplinary ALS clinics, and have been able to give more than $1.2 million directly to families with ALS to help pay for uncovered expenses.

But the work is not done. We need a cure. This summer, in honor of the Ice Bucket Challenge fifth anniversry, we ask you to take the challenge again. Cool off, dump ice water on your head, have some fun, challenge friends, make a donation and make a difference - again. Help finish what you started. Help create a world without ALS.

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