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Thanks for joining us as we walked to defeat ALS this spring! Check back soon for our 2019 Walk to Defeat ALS® dates!

Upcoming Events:

Joe's Camp: August 3-5

30th Anniversary Open Houses: August 18, 19 and 25

North Carolina ALS Caregivers Conference: October 15

Ongoing Events:

Youth Action Day: The Iced Tea Challenge!

Youth, hold an Iced Tea Stand to raise awareness and to collect donations from each glass of Iced Tea served. Pour Some Tea. Spread Some Hope. Visit Click "Start a Fundraiser." Choose the first option: "Start an Individual Page." Select "Youth Action Day Iced Tea Challenge." Download the toolkit. for more information.

Past Events:

Greensboro Walk to Defeat ALS®: April 7, 2018

Wilmington Walk to Defeat ALS®: April 8, 2018

Down East Walk to Defeat ALS®: April 14, 2018

Triangle Walk to Defeat ALS®: April 21, 2018

Winston-Salem Walk to Defeat ALS®: April 28, 2018

Charlotte Walk to Defeat ALS®: May 5, 2018


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