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Specialized ALS Plate


The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter is in the process of proposing an ALS specialized license plate option in the state of North Carolina to support ALS research. Some of you may remember a similar attempt a few years ago that unfortunately did not materialize. Times have changed in favor of ALS awareness and we are in a perfect position to do everything we can to continue the momentum.

Here at the Chapter we are working on the behind-the-scene steps required to apply for a specialized plate. One of the most important steps is discovering who would be interested in owning one of these new plates.

We would like to gather this information so that when we are ready to move forward, we can contact you as soon as possible to reach our next prerequisite of achieving a certain number of registration applications.

If you want to be kept in the loop and notified when it is time to advance the process, please fill out the following information.

When we have the necessary steps completed on our end, we will reach back out to you to confirm your interest and provide you with the information needed to complete the registration process. There is no timetable on this process but we are hopeful that it will move along quickly with your support.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing North Carolina with an ALS designated plate.

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