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Care Services

Our Chapter empowers people with Lou Gehrig's Disease and their families by offering a wide variety of programs and services. Our services are often changing and expanding as we grow, so please check back often to make sure you are taking advantage of everything we have to offer.

Our staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us for more information. 


Our Care Services Staff

Our staff of social workers are available to educate and counsel by phone anyone in the community who is concerned about ALS. Particular support is available for families living with ALS.  

Suzanne Gilroy, Director of Care Services:
Email: suzanne@alsnc.org
Direct Line: 919-390-0127

Lisa Hoskins, MSW, Senior Care Services Manager:
Email: lisa@alsnc.org
Direct Line: 919-755-0409

Lynn Sanderson, BSW, Care Services Manager:
Email: lynn@alsnc.org
Direct Line: 336-757-2000

Kate Spanier, MS, Care Services Coordinator:
Email: kate@alsnc.org
Direct Line: 919-390-0126

Claudia Winkler, Care Services Programs Manager:
Email: claudia@alsnc.org
Direct Line: 919-390-0125


Support Groups 

Why Come to ALS Support Groups?
Support groups exist entirely for you, the person with ALS, and your family or loved ones. Here is a list of some things ALS support groups provide:

  • A forum to share information and practical experience, whether it’s learning how to improve physical function, discussing new drug trials, or experiencing the latest augmentative technologies all geared to helping you live more fully with the disease.
  • A safe place to allow your emotions to speak for you.  The group offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn how other people cope with various problems similar to yours, to see that patients and family members are not completely unique, and that others experience the same type of feelings and emotions about the disease as you do.
  • An educational gathering spot where speakers and caregivers address subjects of major interest and exchange; how to incorporate physical and occupational therapy into your life; how to counteract problems in swallowing and chewing; safeguards that can help you avoid pulmonary complications; and ways of coping with depression and caregiver “burnout”, among many other topics.
  • A place to witness firsthand the constant miracle of people continuing to live productive, fulfilling lives in spite of having ALS.

Support groups are a great resource for people to maintain control over their lives, to give and take the wisdom and experience that comes from living with a devastating illness.  Put these meetings at the top of your calendar; they belong to you.  Your presence there will open doors you never knew existed.

For a list of the support groups we currently offer, please click here


Quarterly Grant

The grant program assists families in North Carolina with expenses that are not traditionally covered by insurance such as private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and other assistance programs. It will cover, but is not limited to: home care assistance (respite), travel costs to ALS clinics & Research, home modifications, auto modifications, communication devices, environmental controls and generators for invasive or non-invasive breathing assistance. Recipients may apply for and receive four grants per year in the amount of $750 each.

The quarterly grants are made possible in part by BAYADA Home Health Care. 




For more information or to apply for our Grant, please click here


Loaner Equipment Program

The Loaner Equipment Program operated by the Catfish Chapter houses limited durable medical equipment that is normally not covered by insurance. If other resources have been exhausted and equipment is available the Chapter may be able to loan the needed equipment to assist pALS in daily living needs. If and when the equipment is no longer needed, it can be returned to the Chapter for use by other pALS.

For more information about getting loaner equipment or donating equipment please click here



The Chapter Care Services Staff is available for professional in-Services to Nursing Facilities, Homecare Agencies,   Hospice and Palliative Care Organizations. Our in-services utilize PowerPoint/video presentations and discussion.

For information on how to arrange an in-service training, please contact Suzanne Gilroy at suzanne@alsnc.org.


Care Connections

The Care Connection Program is a way for the Chapter to help the ALS family organize those in their support system who have an interest in helping. Chapter Care Services staff train volunteer(s)on how to establish and run a ‘care group’ for the ALS family they know.  People offer their time and talents while the ALS family is in control of who, when and how they help. 

For information on how to arrange a care connection training, please contact Suzanne Gilroy at suzanne@alsnc.org.


Support Our Services 

All of the services for our ALS families are available due to the generosity of many groups and individuals. By donating to our Chapter, you help us to help those families. Join a Walk Team, plan an event that benefits the Chapter or just make a donation. As a non-profit, everything we do depends on our generous donors.

If you are interested in supporting our services please click here.